Individual/Family and TBOS Therapy

Are you struggling with your daily tasks?
Sad, can't sleep, sleeping more? Are you finding it hard to know which way to turn? Does your child have ADHD? We
can help.

Individual/Family Therapy is the space where our innate potential to heal, restore and transform is revealed. The therapeutic relationship is one of those rare relationships where we can explore who it is we are – our fears, hopes and desires – without concern of judgment, shame or guilt. Through therapy we can learn to walk towards change and empowerment, one tiny step at a time.

TBOS is an intensive level of therapy to children and their families which are delivered in a non-provider setting, such as home, school, shelter care facility, foster home or detention center, to child and/or caretakers involved in the case. This higher level of therapeutic intervention includes behavioral or developmental assessment of the child in order to define, delineate, and evaluate treatment needs; the development, implementation, and monitoring of a behavioral management program for the child.